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Passports and Visas

Is your passport ready to travel?

Before you travel to New Zealand, please check that your passport is ready for the trip. Your passport must be:

  •  Valid for at least three months beyond your intended departure date.
  • Not damaged, defaced or excessively worn.
  • Showing a visa or permit, if you require one.

Do you need a New Zealand visa or permit?

You do not need a visa or permit to visit New Zealand if you are:

  •  A New Zealand citizen or Resident Permit holder
  • An Australian citizen travelling on an Australian passport
  • An Australian resident with a current Australian resident return visa
  • A British citizen and or British passport holder who can produce evidence of the right to reside permanently in the UK (you can stay up to six months)
  • A citizen of a country which has a visa waiver agreement with New Zealand (you can stay up to three months)

Countries that have a visa waiver agreement with New Zealand

Andorra Denmark Japan Norway Spain
Argentina Estonia Korea (South) Oman Sweden
Austria Finland Kuwait Poland Switzerland
Bahrain France Latvia Portugal United Arab Emirates
Belgium Germany Liechtenstein Qatar United States of America
Brazil Greece Lithuania Romania Uruguay
Brunei Hong Kong Luxembourg San Marino Vatican City
Bulgaria Hungary Malaysia Saudi Arabia  
Canada Iceland Malta Singapore  
Chile Ireland Mexico Slovak Republic  
Cyprus Israel Monaco Slovenia  
Czech Republic Italy Netherlands South Africa  

If you come from one these countries, you don’t need a visa to enter New Zealand. However, you are still required to provide:

  • Travel tickets or evidence of onward travel arrangements
  • Evidence that you can support yourself in New Zealand (approximately NZ$1000 per month per person).
  • For more detailed information check out the Visa free countries section of the Immigration New Zealand website.

Passengers transitting in New Zealand

Transit visas will be needed for all people travelling via New Zealand, unless they are specifically exempted by immigration policy.

How do you apply for a New Zealand Visa?

If your country is not on the visa waiver list, or you wish to stay longer than three months (or six months if you’re British), you will need to apply for a Visitor’s Visa. You can download application forms from the Visitor Visa page of the New Zealand Immigration Service website, or contact your nearest New Zealand Embassy.

What if you’re coming to study or work?

The New Zealand Immigration website also has information on work, business, and student visas. If you want to study in New Zealand, check out the websites of English New Zealand and Education New Zealand Trust.

Work Visas required by Tour Guides

If you are travelling with a group of visitors and acting as a tour guide or a tour leader in a co-ordination role, you require a work visa. Please contact us as we can organise this for you

 All Tour Guides must obtain work visas, prior to their arrival in New Zealand.

Tour Guides should allow, at least, 10 working days for the processing of these applications and must present the following documentation to the nearest New Zealand Consulate, Embassy or Immigration New Zealand office:

  • A fully completed, signed and dated work visa application form.
  • The work visa fee, if applicable, is payable by Money Order or Company Cheque.
  • One recent passport type photograph of the applicant.
  • The applicant’s original passport.
  • A letter of introduction and guarantee of financial support from the Tour Company. This letter would also include the job title and the salary for the specific applicant, the length of time the applicant will be in New Zealand and how many visits the guide will conduct over the next 2 years. Multiple entry work visas can be applied for.
  • The Tour Company’s most recent promotional booklet which demonstrates that the company is a bona fides business.
  • To enable the safe and timely return of the applicant’s passport, a self addressed, prepaid, courier airway bill.
  • Work Visa application forms and information relating to the Immigration New Zealand, Receiving Offices can be found on the Immigration New Zealand website.