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Client Testimonials

Acrossnz.com has helped thousands of visitors enjoy New Zealand, Australia and the Islands over the years. Here you can browse through a sample of what our customers are saying.

Dear Debs, Here we are back home after a wonderful holiday. New Zealand is spectacular, we drove 3000k in all, the space and scenery took our breath away. Thanks for organising everything so well, it went like a dream. The accomodation was excellent, the Luxmore, Princes Gate (I upgraded) and especially Arcadia Lodge (where we were very spoilt, thoroughly recommend it), made the holiday enjoyable. Some special memories; Carol singers in Cathdral Square in Christchurch, Tekapu Lake scenery. On the whole we were very lucky with our weather, a little rain in Dunedin (but the Albatross flew), and we saw the yellow eyed penguins. Super flight over Fiordland from Te Anau, with clear sunny weather. Lots of dolphins on Milford Sound, excellent cruise. Clear flight around Mount Cook & the glaciers & walking round Lake Matheson was beautiful. Bay of Islands scenery, (arrived 3.30pm by the way), very restful but weather not brilliant, a little cloudy & windy. Lovely Island cruise. The cars were both new automatics, very good. All in all a 10/10 holiday, sorry it has passed so quickly. Wishing you all the best for the New Year, Debs Thanks again for all your organisation.
Cathy and Ian
Hi Deb Well we have been back in the UK for a week, and reality is biting! Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for planning such a wonderful holiday for us, it really was a holiday of a lifetime and everything went so smoothly. We would not have done half those things without your advice, so we are very grateful. I have already passed your email address to two groups of friends who are planning holidays in NZ in the next few months, and my mother in law is coming out at Christmas, so will be giving her your details too. As for us, we plan to be back within a couple of years, so expect to hear from us again! For your records, accommodation worthy of particular praise for being so stunning, was the lodge you put us in at Rotorua, Christchurch (stunning!) Franz Josef (so spacious and modern) and the lovely cottage at Te Anau (The Croft) all of which made the holiday that little bit better. Well done and thank you once again!
Dan – Jan 2005
Hey Deb, How the heck are ya? I am just a little behind on my email from December…wanted to say hello and see how you’re doing, and thank you finally for the best vacation/trip of our lives. Catriona and I had such a blast in NZ. It seems like an eternity ago, which is sad, but we clutch the memories like gold bullions and scheme often about how to get back there. First I’ll have to pay the second of two speeding tickets I got on the west coast, though. The first was on our way down to the glacier, and I was pulled over in a tiny town where we’d stopped to get some water. The kind officer maintained that I was going 20 km over the limit, which seemed impossible to both of us, as I’d just entered the main road from a small side street and was not even out of third gear, but I paid my $120 and wished the mate well. I thought all was fine, then received a second ticket by mail three months after we got back, this one for $230 for being caught on camera outside Greylock. I was truly stunned on both counts, because I had thought I was being super cautious with speed limits everywhere we went. In fact, I had wrested control of the vehicle early on the trip from Catriona due to lead foot in the car. She spent the whole trip complaining about how slow I was driving, but I told her it was so that we wouldn’t miss any photo opportunities of road kill. We kept taking pictures of dead animals on the road so that we could put together a slideshow of the flora and fauna of NZ. The flora are easy to capture, but the fauna are a lot tougher, esp. the nocturnals like kiwi! Anyway, I’m not just saying this to absolve myself of responsibility, but I honestly did feel that I was within the posted speed limit 98% of the trip, and we were constantly passed by others for going too slowly. But I swear I’ll be back just as soon as I pay off that second ticket. I understand from a friend, who is Vermont’s deputy attorney general, that I won’t be allowed back until my record is cleared…It’s next on my list of lingering bills, right after I pay for my winter wood!! I wonder if they’d expunge my record in exchange for a terrific slideshow of a bunch of different animals that look like they’re napping in the road! Okay, that was a longwinded tangent. Mostly I just wanted to say hello. I hope all is well with you and the family. Best,
Luckily I found acrossnz. After fumbling around on the Internet trying to find things to do and places to stay I was lucky and located you guys, and luckier still when Deb replied to my initial cry for assistance. What with planning a jam packed holiday to get the most out of 10 days, changes to the bookings, and then a very late major change I have found the service top class, very fast and full of suggestions. Could not have done it without Deb’s patience and efficeieny in handling ‘mad clients’. A boon to the tourist industry and no more self bookings on the Internet for me. Excellent all round service.
Mike Ridley, United States, Dec, 2005
After extensive around the world travels, we have been extremely pleased with the highly personal service you provided.The numerous e-mail and covering the smallest details made our trip one of the best ever. We highly recommend your tour company and please provide our e-mail address to anyone requiring a reference.
Neil and Maureen Black, United States, Nov 2004
We just wanted to say a really massive thank you to you for organising such a fantastic trip for us. We honestly had an amazing time and absolutely loved all of our accommodation. The whole thing was a highlight so it’s impossible to say where our favourite places were!
Poppy and Stu, England, Nov 2004
Thanks for you all help. You may wish to pass onto your boss that the reason that I chose to hire through Acrossnz.com is the personal (not computer generated) and very helpful reply’s that I got from you both after my fist enquiry and since I have confirmed my booking.
Andrea Carter, New Zealand, Dec 2004
In exchange, we got a voucher book that turned NZ into a prepaid experience that was quite delightful. From car rentals, to plane tickets, to boat rides and hotels, all we needed to do was present the voucher. We also found the accommodations that she selected (within a price range/comfort level that we had talked about) to be fine and in some cases magical.
Steve and Susanne Krugman, United States, Jan 2005
I have to admit that my expectations were exceeded in so many ways.
Gonzalo, Mexico, January 2005
Thanks for arranging everything so efficiently. The WWW and internet-based travel has really taken a lot of the mystery out of booking holidays these days but the flip side is that it presents so much choice that trying to decide what to do and where to go without prior knowledge is now more daunting than ever.
Laura and Duncan Woods, England, July 2005