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Client Testimonials

Acrossnz.com has helped thousands of visitors enjoy New Zealand, Australia and the Islands over the years. Here you can browse through a sample of what our customers are saying.

Mark, I am so sorry about the delay in this email. I wanted to THANK you for the AMAZING job you did in planning our honeymoon in New Zealand. Matt and I were very impressed about the ease and style of our trip. What fabulous lodges you had us stay in! We never had a bad day. Everyday we would wake up excited about the fun that was in store for us. We felt safe knowing that your maps and vouchers were there for us and ready to go. I was hesitant booking my trip through you as I had simply searched New Zealand on the internet and found acrossnz.com; I actually contacted New Zealand’s business bureau to make sure that your services were not too goo to be true. I am amazed that I lucked out and found your company. I could have never of arranged such a trip on my own. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Matt and I love New Zealand. What a grogeous place. You Kiwis are such friendly people. We are so glad we got to meet you. Come visit us in Colorado. Any baby yet? Good luck in the future…until next time…
Amy and Matt Norwood, Denver, Colorado, July 2005
Deb Hey I made it back from holiday…What an outstanding vacation!! The country where a hundred thousand post cards quality photos are taken….Absolutely fantastic Just wanted to thank you for you setting up it so efficiently….Every transfer, every bus, every hotel room was right on time. The hotels you put us at were 5 star hotels in our minds just for the view alone…I was amazed at how well your tourism industry runs. The pace you set up was great we had a chance to explore on our own and add several activities to our schedule. The Jetboat ride at Queenstown was great! We got to see a lot in a short amount of time… I wish we would have had at least one more day to see more of Christchurch though. Just gives me a reason to come back I guess. Anyway thanks again…..I would recommend your service to anyone coming that way… I wish it were that easy to get independent itineraries everywhere . Great service!
Greg Heaphy, United States, Jan 2006
Hi Debs, Just sending you a quick email to thank you for all the work you did in putting together our South Island tour. We started of our first week in Queenstown with our daughter, before doing the tour you organised. All I can say is Errrrmmm!!! …………any words I could think of would not do what we did and saw in New Zealand any justice whatsoever. Amazing, Beautiful etc..etc.. won’t even cut it. So, thanks debs for the tour, it was amazing. Everywhere you looked, in every location was a photograph. We are still buzzing after being home a week. We will most definitely be back. I want it to be permanent, to work there, but I think it is very difficult to get in NZ. Our best wishes to you and all at Acrossnz. Very Best Regards
Mark Cumming, England, March 2006
Dear Deb, First of all, thanks for your help in creating what was truly a fantastic trip. We really, really enjoyed everything so much. New Zealand has it all—the beauty, the history, the art and culture. The people were so warm and friendly, too. Thanks also for putting in a good word for us at our last accomodation in Christchurch. We really enjoyed the Shackelton Suite at Werner’s Historic Hotel. Perfect end to the journey. In sum, please accept our sincere, albeit tardy, thanks for your help in making New Zealand so wonderful, and please consider the Boutique Bed and Breakfast for future clients. Warmly,
Priscilla Henkelmann and Sandy Grossbart, May 2006
Ravit, So, we are very happy, and once more we feel that more than anything else we can say how the New Zealand people are nice. So, the place is great, we have a wonderful view, and we are very happy. This is the situation to also tell you that the basic hotel you told us about in Punakaiki was wonderful – very big, nice, and pleasant and very well equipped and we enjoyed it a lot. So, actually – every place was nice but this is just great. So, thanks for being there for us. Also , your time estimation was very good and helpful I feel stupid saying only good things I know how to be critical but I had no reasons to. Thanks,
Tammie, Israel, September 2006
Back into the greyness of a parisian autumn. NZ seems already so far. Thank you for the accommodation you provided ; all hotels and motels were excellent, especially in Punga Cove. Thanks for the sun too ; the endeavour inlet and the queen charlotte tracks are wonderful places. I was too short of time to pass and say hello ; and i didn’t find Zealand Tattoo, so i’d have to come back an another time… Best regards and congratulations for the beating (drumming ?) of the french rugby team : it’s what we trivially call “une patee” or “une deculottee” home. A good omen for 2007.
Yves, France, November 2006
Dear Deborah, After months of planning, getting everything finalised, our relations arrived safe and sound. Everything on paper sounded wonderful and we hoped nothing would happen to mar our holiday. The 4 tourists have returned from their holiday of a lifetime through the North Island. We had a fantastic time from start to finish with not one hitch. Our family couldn’t get over how perfectly everything went and how we covered so much country in such a short time. They loved the scenery and reckon they could happily settle here. Having 4 in the party was excellent and no one was left out at any time. What we liked most about it was being able to travel on a daily basis and not in a large tour group. The drivers pointed out places of interest and all the rest stops were at very clean facilities, and excellent eateries. Our North Island tour surpassed all our expectations. From setting out from Christchurch to arriving at the Auckland Airport there was not one slip-up in any way. Whatever was on the vouchers was perfect. We couldn’t fault the cheerful drivers, the shuttle services to and from our very good accommodation, the tour guides had good general knowledge and no questions were any bother. Your expertise in organising our holiday is greatly appreciated. Yours sincerely
Robert & Dorothy MULLEN, Reinhard & Barbara STAHL – Germany / Nov 2006
Good morning, Mark, Sunday night here, our first full week home starts tomorrow. It was a fantastic trip; we can’t wait to go to the South Island. Maybe we’ll be able to go next December(if we don’t visit our other son in southern Africa). The highlights for me, besides the sheer prettiness and splendid geography of NZ were: tubing in Waitomo’s cave, trip to White Island including dolphins swimming alongside the boat, drive on Highway 38 through Te Urewera National Forest journeying from Taupo to Gisborne(after stopping in Rotorua to luge and Taupo to bungee), and the three geothermal parks around Rotorua including Orekei Korako. If you asked the others their highlights they would include a day spent touring wineries(running into neighbors!), the food, the beach, the shopping, the museums, a picnic on the beach in Napier with food fromt the Farmer’s Market. This trip was flawless. There is so much to see and do in NZ, that one two week trip doesn’t begin to touch it. We are excited to look at our photos as soon as Hertz sends us the camera we left in the car at the Auckland Airport.
Nancy Engel / December 2006
Hello Mark, Mr. Adutavicius and his trip partners were very happy about their trip. Everything went fluently and I can say, even perfectly. Many thanks to you from me and from all three travelers. Please give best regards to Andrew for the great job he has done, and we all are very happy that we dealings with you. Yesterday I watched all photos and film from New Zealand they brought, and I can say I would be glad to go there too. In any cirstumtances if there would be any other trip to New Zealand I would pick to work with you again . Thank you very much for all you have done once more. Best regards,
Lina Gudiate – Lithuania / Feb 2007
Mark, I wanted to let you know, again, how pleased we were with your planning and all of the accommodation. Everything went smoothly, and it was great having your knowledge about driving times, etc. For example, we really didn’t enjoy the Pancake Rocks (not that it wasn’t beautiful, but I wouldn’t want to go out of my way to seem them), but agree with you that it was a necessary stop, because we were so tired of driving by that point. If we had not had your “insider” wisdom, we would have overextended ourselves. Thanks again.
Alicia – USA / Feb 2007